Abridged A Midsummer Night’s Dream/#8/Spurned/Act 2, Scene 1.3

Pausing for a moment, Demetrius turns to Helena and
angrily says “I love thee not; therefore pursue me not.  Where is Lysander and fair Hermia?  Thou told’st me they were stol’n unto this
wood, and here am I.  Get thee gone, and
follow me no more.”  Helena responds “You
draw me, you hard-hearted magnet!  Leave
you your power to draw, and I shall have no power to follow you.”  Demetrius says “Do I speak you fair?  I cannot love you.”  Helena replies “I am your spaniel.  The more you beat me I will fawn on you.  I beg in your love.”  Demetrius says “I am sick when I do look on
thee.”  Helena responds “I am sick when I
look not on you.”  Demetrius continues
his harshness, saying  “I’ll run from
thee and hide in the thickets and leave thee to the mercy of wild beasts.”  Helena says “Your wrongs do set a scandal on
my sex.  We cannot fight for love as men
may do.  We should be wooed and were not
made to woo.”  Demetrius exits.

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