Abridged Measure for Measure/#20/Resolution/Act 5, Scene 1.4

The Duke asks Angelo “Wast thou e’er contracted to this woman?” Angelo answers “I was, my lord.” The Duke says “Go take her hence and marry her instantly.” Friar Peter exits with Angelo and Mariana. Escalus says “My lord, I am more amazed at his dishonor than at the strangeness of it.” The Duke says to Isabella “Your brother’s death, I know, sits at your heart. Peace be with him. Make it your comfort that he no longer fears death.” Angelo, Mariana, Friar Peter and the Provost re-enter. The Duke says “As he condemned your brother, the mercy of the law cries out — Angelo for Claudio, death for death, and measure for measure. Angelo, we do condemn thee to the very block where Claudio stooped to death, and with haste. Away with him.” Mariana begs that his life be sparred, saying “I crave no other nor no better man.” The Duke says “Away with him to death.” Mariana turns to Isabella, saying “Sweet Isabel, take my part. Lend me your knees.” The Duke says “He dies for Claudio’s death.” Isabella begs Marianna’s case beautifully. The Duke says “Your suit’s unprofitable.” He tells the women to stand. He turns to the Provost and asks “How came it Claudio was beheaded at an unusual hour?” The Provost replies “It was commanded so, by private message. The prisoner that should by private order else have died, I have reserved alive. His name is Barnardine.” The Duke says “Go fetch him hither.” The Provost re-enters with Barnardine, a muffled Claudio and Juliet. The Duke pardons Barnardine. He asks “What muffled fellow’s that?” The Provost unmuffles Claudio. The Duke pardons Claudio and Angelo. The Duke proposes to Isabella. He tells Angelo “that you love your wife, her worth worth yours.” He turns to Lucio and says “you knew me for a fool, a coward, a madman.” Lucio lamely responds that he said as much in jest. The Duke says “I have heard him swear himself there’s one whom he begot with child; let her appear, and he shall marry her. The nuptial finished, let him be whipped and hanged.” Officers take Lucio away. The Duke then has nothing but nice things to say to Claudio, Mariana, Angelo, Juliet, Escalus, and the Provost. They exit, the Duke and Isabella to be married. The plan then is for the royal couple and their friends to celebrate at the Duke’s palace.

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