Abridged Measure for Measure/#19/Disclosure/Act 5, Scene 1.3

Escalus asks an attendant to “Call that same Isabel here once again.” Isabella enters along with the Duke, once again disguised as Friar Lodowick. Escalus asks the Duke-Friar “Did you set these women on to slander Lord Angelo? They have confessed you did.” The Duke-Friar responds “’Tis false. Where is the Duke? ‘Tis he should hear me speak.” Escalus says “See that you speak justly.” Lodowick replies “Boldly, at least. Is the Duke gone? Then is your cause gone too. The Duke’s unjust to put your trial in the villain’s mouth which here you come to accuse.” Escalus says to Lodowick, “Why, thou unreverend and unhallowed friar, is it not enough thou hast suborned these women to accuse this worthy man, but to call him villain, to accuse him of injustice? To the rack with him.” The Duke-Friar says “Be not so hot.” He tells it like it is, as seen by an outsider, so he says. An angry Escalus says “Away with him to prison.” Angelo turns to Lucio and says “Is this the man that you did tell us of?” Lucio says “It is he, my lord.” The Duke-Friar says “I remember you, sir, from the sound of your voice.” Lucio says “Do you sir? Do you remember saying “the Duke is a flesh monger, a fool, and a coward?” Lodowick says “You indeed spoke so of him, and much more, much worse.” Lucio cries “O, thou damnable fellow!” Escalus calls the Provost forward, saying “Away with him to prison. Let him speak no more.” The Provost seizes Friar Lodowick. Friar Lodowick cries “Stay awhile.” Angelo cries “What, resists he? Help him, Lucio.” Lucio pulls off the friar’s hood, and reveals the Duke. The Duke, now quite angry, says “Thou art the first knave that e’er mad’st a duke. Sneak not away sir. Lay hold on him.” Lucio says “This may prove worse than hanging.” The Duke says to Escalus “What you have spoke I pardon.” The Duke then turns and looks at Angelo. Angelo says “O my dread lord, I should be guiltier than my guiltiness. I perceive your Grace hath looked upon what I have done. An immediate trial and subsequent death is all the grace I beg.” The Duke says “Come hither, Mariana.”

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