Abridged Measure for Measure/#18/Intrigue/Act 5, Scene 1.2

The Duke says “Who knows that Lodowick?” Lucio jumps in saying “’Tis a meddling friar. I do not like the man. Certain words he spake against your Grace when you were away.” The Duke says
“Words against me? Let this friar be found.” Lucio continues, saying “But yesternight, my lord, she and that friar, I saw them at the prison. A very scurvy fellow.” Friar Peter chips in, saying “This woman most wrongfully accused your substitute.” The Duke says ‘We did believe no less. Know you that Friar Lodowick that she speaks of?” Friar Peter says “I know him as a man divine and holy, not scurvy, not a meddler, as he’s reported by this gentleman. At this instance he is sick, my lord, of a strange fever. Upon his request came I hither to speak as the mouth of Friar Lodowick.” He then tells the Duke that he has a woman who he would like to have the Duke listen to. The Duke says “Good friar, let’s hear it. Do you not smile at this, Lord Angelo? Come, sit with me.” A veiled Mariana enters. The Duke says “Let her show her face.” She says “I will not show my face until my husband bid me.” She goes on to say she’s not married, nor a maid, nor widowed. She says “I confess I ne’er was married. She who says she did yield to him doth accuse my husband at a time when I had him in mine arms with all th’ effect of love.” The Duke says “you say your husband.” Angelo then jumps in, saying “My lord, I must confess I know this woman.” He tries to explain why he left her, saying “five years since there was some speech of marriage betwixt myself and her.” Mariana steps it up, saying “I am engaged as this man’s wife as strongly as words could make up vows. Tuesday night in ‘s garden house he knew me as his wife.” Angelo says “Now, my good lord, give me scope of justice.” Let me find out what is going on here. The Duke turns to Escalus and says “You, Lord Escalus, sit with my cousin; lend him your kind pains to find out this abuse, where ‘tis derived.” Escalus sits down next to Angelo. The Duke says to the Provost “Let the other friar be sent for. Go, do it instantly.” The Provost exits. The Duke turns to Angelo and says “My noble and well-warranted cousin, deal with the offenses against you with whatever punishment seems best to you. I for a while will leave you.” Escalus says “We’ll do it throughly.” The Duke exits.

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