Abridged Measure for Measure/#17/Confrontation/Act 5, Scene 1.1

The Duke greets Angelo and Escalus at “the fount a league below the city.” He tells them how “glad we are to see you.” He says to Angelo “Give me your hand and let the subjects see. Come, Escalus, you must walk by us on our other hand.” Friar Peter and Isabella enter, Friar Peter saying “Now is your time. Speak loud, and kneel before him.” She says “O royal duke. Look down on a wronged maid. Hear my true complaint and give me justice.” The Duke says “in what, by whom? Be brief. Lord Angelo will give you justice.” She says “O worthy duke, hear me yourself.” Angelo weighs in, saying “Her wits are not firm. She hath been a suitor to me for her brother. She will speak bitterly and strange.” She cries “That Angelo’s a murderer, is ‘t not strange? That Angelo is a hypocrite, a virgin-violator. Is it not strange?” The Duke says “Away with her. Poor soul, she speaks this in th’ infirmity of sense.” She cries “O prince, neglect me not with that opinion that I am touched with madness. The wicked’st villain is Angelo.” The Duke says “If she be mad, her madness hath the oddest frame of sense.” She cries “Let your reason serve to make the truth appear where it seems hid.” The Duke asks her “What would you say?” She says “I am the sister of one Claudio, condemned for getting his fiancée with child, condemned by Angelo. I was sent by Lucio as then the messenger.” Lucio cries out to the Duke “That’s I. I came from Claudio to Lord Angelo for her poor brother’s pardon.” The Duke says to Lucio “You were not bid to speak.” Isabella says “This gentleman told somewhat of my tale. In brief, I persuaded and prayed and kneeled. But he would not, but by gift of my chaste body to his intemperate lust, release my brother. I did yield to him. But the next morn he sends a warrant for my poor brother’s head.” The Duke says “This is most likely!” She says “O, it is true!” The Duke says “By heaven, fond wretch, thou know’st not what thou speak’st. His integrity stands without blemish. Someone hath incited you. Confess the truth.” She says “Heaven shield your Grace from woe.” The Duke shouts “An officer!” An Officer comes forward. The Duke says “To prison with her. Who knew of your intent and coming hither?” She cries “Friar Lodowick.” The Officer exits with Isabella.

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