Abridged Measure for Measure/#16/Preparation/Act 4, Scenes 4-6

Escalus and Angelo are on stage, both complaining how inconsistent the Duke’s letters have been. Angelo asks Escalus “Why meet him at the gates?” Escalus suggests the Duke may want to promptly “deliver us from any contrived complaints that might stand against us.” Angelo says “I’ll call you early in the morning at your house.” Escalus says “Fare you well,” and exits. Angelo says to himself “This deed destroys me quite. Her tender shame may not let her proclaim her maiden loss, but how might she reproach me? Claudio should have lived, save that his lack of discretion might have in time come to take its revenge with a dishonored life as ransom for such shame. Yet I wish he had lived.” Meanwhile, the Duke and Friar Peter meet, The Duke asking him to “deliver these letters for me. The Provost knows our purpose and our plot.” He instructs Friar Peter to follow his instructions. Friar Peter says “It shall be speeded well,” and exits. Separately, Isabella and Mariana meet with each other. Isabella tells Mariana how upset she is with Friar Lodowick and that she plans to enter charges against Angelo. Mariana says “Be ruled by him.” Isabella goes on, saying “Besides, he tells me that per chance he should speak against me, I should not think it strange.” Friar Peter enters and says “I have found a most fit place for you to stand that will give you full advantage on the Duke. The Duke is very near to entering. Therefore hence, away.” They exit.

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