Abridged Measure for Measure/#15/Grand Scheme/Act 4, Scene 3

Pompey is on stage. Abhorson enters, telling Pompey to “bring Barnardine hither.” Pompey calls out for him. From within, Barnardine cries “Away, you rogue. I am sleepy.” Pompey says “Master Barnardine, awake till you are executed, and sleep afterwards.” Abhorson tells him to “Go in and fetch him out.” Barnardine enters. He says “I have been drinking all night. I am not fitted for it.” Lodowick enters and says “I am come to comfort and pray with you.” Barnardine replies “I will not consent to die this day, that’s certain.” Barnardine exits. Provost enters and asks “How do you find the prisoner?” Lodowick says “A creature unprepared for death.” Provost says “Here in the prison, father, there died this morning of a cruel fever one Ragozine, a man of Claudio’s years, his beard and head just of his color. What if we were to satisfy the deputy with the visage of Ragozine?” The Duke-Friar replies “’Tis an accident that heaven provides! See this done, whiles I persuade this rude wretch willingly to die.” Friar Lodowick goes on to say “Put both Barnardine and Claudio in secret holds. Within two days you shall find your safety manifested.” The Provost says “I am your willing servant,” and exits. To himself, the Duke-Friar says “Now will I write letters to Angelo, which will let him know I am near, bound to enter publicly, and desire him to meet me at the fount a league below the city.” The Provost enters carrying a head. The Duke-Friar says “Make a swift return.” Isabella enters. Lodowick greets her, saying “Good morning, fair and gracious daughter.” She asks “Hath yet the deputy sent my brother’s pardon?” He says “His head is off, and sent to Angelo.” She says “I will to him and pluck out his eyes!” He says “You shall not be admitted to his sight. This neither hurts him nor profits you. Mark what I say, which you shall find truth you can rely on. The Duke comes home tomorrow. Dry your eyes. His confessor gives me this proof. Already he hath carried notice to Escalus and Angelo, who will give up their power. Pace your wisdom in the path that I would wish it go.” He shows her a paper. He tells her “to give this letter to Friar Peter. Say I desire his company at Mariana’s house tonight. I’ll inform him of Mariana’s cause and yours. He shall bring you before the Duke and face to face with Angelo. I shall be absent.” He hands her the paper. Lucio enters and says “They say the Duke will be here tomorrow. By my troth, Isabel, I loved thy brother.” She exits. Lucio says “Friar, thou knowest not the Duke so well as I do.” Lodowick says “Fare you well.” Lucio says “Nay, tarry. I can tell thee pretty tales of the Duke.” The Duke-Friar responds “You have told me too many of him already.” Not to be stopped, Lucio says “I was once before him for getting a wench with child. I was ready to deny it under oath. They would else have married me to the rotten apple.” They exit.

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