Abridged Measure for Measure/#12/Entrapment/Act 3, Scene 2

A friend of Claudio’s, Lucio, and the Duke-Friar are on stage. Lucio asks “What new, friar, of the Duke?” The Duke-Friar says “I know none. Can you tell me or any?” Lucio says ‘Some say he is with the Emperor of Russia; other some, that he is in Rome. Would the duke that is absent have taken away the life of a man? He had some feeling of the sport; he knew the service.” Duke-Friar replies “I never heard the absent duke accused of womanizing.” Lucio says “Who, not the Duke? He would be drunk too, that let me inform you.” Duke-Friar says “You do him wrong, surely.” Lucio says “Sir, I was his acquaintance. A cautious fellow was the Duke; a very superficial, ignorant, unweighing fellow.” The Duke follows with “You speak unskillfully. Or, if your knowledge be more, it is much darkened in your malice.” Lucio responds “Sir, I know him. I know what I know.” Friar Lodowick says “If ever the Duke return, let me desire you to make your answer before him. I pray you, your name.” Lucio replies “Sir, my name is Lucio, well known to the Duke. But no more of this. Canst thou tell if Claudio die tomorrow or no.” Duke-Friar asks “Why should he die, sir?” Lucio says “Why? I would the Duke we talk of were returned again. This deputy will unpeople the province with continency. Say that I said so. Farewell.” He exits. Escalus, the Provost and Mistress Overdone enter, she having been arrested. She claims the charge against her is a result of “Lucio’s information against me.” Speaking of Lucio, she says “Mistress Kate Keepdown was with child by him in the Duke’s time; he promised her marriage. His child is a year and a quarter old. I have kept it myself, and see how he goes about to abuse me.” Escalus says “Away with her to prison.” She is taken away. Escalus says “Angelo will not be altered. Claudio must die tomorrow.” Escalus asks Lodowick “Let me know how you find Claudio prepared.” The Duke-Friar responds “He most willingly humbles himself to the determination of justice. Now is he resolved to die.” Escalus and the Provost exit “to visit the prisoner.”

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