Abridged Measure for Measure/#6/Argument/Act 2, Scene 2.1

The Provost is on stage and, speaking of Angelo, says “Maybe he will relent. All ranks, all ages smack of this vice, and he to die for it?” Angelo enters and says “Now, what’s the matter, Provost?” The Provost asks ‘Is it your will Claudio shall die tomorrow?” Angelo snaps “Did not I tell thee yea? Why dost thou ask again?” The Provost says “I have seen when, after execution, judgment hath repented o’er his doom.” Angelo says “Let that be mine.” The Provost asks “What shall be done, sir, with the groaning Juliet? She’s very near her hour.” Angelo says “Dispose of her to some fitter place and that with speed.” A Servant enters and says “The sister of the man condemned desires access to you.” Angelo asks “Hath he a sister?” The Servant says “Ay, my good lord, a very virtuous maid, and to be shortly of a sisterhood.” Angelo says “Well, let her be admitted.” Lucio and Isabella enter. Angelo asks “What’s your will?” Isabella says “I have a brother is condemned to die. I do beseech you to condemn the sin rather than condemning him.” Angelo replies “Condemn the fault, and not the actor of it?” Aside, Lucio says to Isabella “Kneel down before him, hang upon his gown. You are too cold.” Isabella says to Angelo “Must he needs die?” Angelo says “Maiden, no remedy.” She says “Yes, I do think that you might pardon him, and neither heaven nor man grieves at the mercy.” Angelo replies “I will not do ‘t.” She asks “But can you if you would?” Angelo says “He’s sentenced. ‘Tis too late.” Aside, Lucio says “You are too cold.” Isabella says “Too late? Why, no.” Angelo says “Pray, begone.”

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