Abridged Measure for Measure/#4/Imprisonment/Act 1, Scene 4

Isabella and a nun are on stage. Isabella has asked the nun to tell her of the rules that apply to “the sisterhood, the votarists of Saint Clare.” They hear a voice. Isabella asks “Who’s that which calls?” The nun says “It is a man’s voice. Isabella, know his business of him. You may; I may not. You are yet unsworn. When you have vowed, you must not speak with men but in the presence of the Prioress.” Isabella asks ‘Who is’t that calls?” Lucio enters and asks “Can you direct me to Isabella, the fair sister to her unhappy brother, Claudio?” Isabella says “Why unhappy brother? I am that Isabella, and his sister.” Lucio says ‘He’s in prison.” Isabella asks ‘For what?” Lucio says “He hath got his friend with child.” Isabella asks “Someone with child by him? My cousin, Juliet?” Lucio says “Is she your cousin?” Isabella says “Adoptedly, by silly but apt affection.” Lucio says “She it is.” Isabella says “O, let him marry her!” Lucio says “This is the point.” Lucio goes on to tell her that the Duke has left Vienna and has transferred “full line of his authority to Lord Angelo, a man whose blood is nothing but melted snow; one with no sensual impulses; who profits his mind by study.” Lucio goes on the say “to give fear to undisciplined freedom he has picked out an act and your brother’s life falls into forfeit. He arrests him to make him an example. All hope is gone unless you have the fair power and grace to soften Angelo.” Isabella asks ‘Doth he so seek his life?” Lucio says “As I hear, the Provost hath a warrant for ‘s execution.” She asks “what ability’s in me to do him good?” Lucio says “Try the power you have.” Lucio talks her into visiting Angelo. She says “I will about it straight.” She tells Lucio “Soon at night I’ll send him (her brother) certain word of my success.”

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