Abridged Measure for Measure/#2/Threat/Act 1, Scene 2

Lucio and two Gentlemen are small-talking when Mistress Overdone (the Bawd) enters. Lucio is a good friend of Claudio’s, and we haven’t yet met Claudio. She says “There’s one yonder arrested and carried to prison.” The Second Gentleman asks “Who’s that?” The Bawd says “Marry, sir, that’s Signior Claudio. Within these three days his head to be chopped off.” Lucio asks “Are you sure?” Bawd says “I am too sure of it. And it is for getting Madam Julietta with child.” Lucio says ‘Believe me, this may be. Away. Let’s learn the truth of it.” The men exit. Pompey (the Bawd’s servant) enters. She asks him “Is there a maid with child by him?” Pompey replies “Have you not heard of the proclamation?” She says “What!” He says “All brothels in the outskirts of Vienna must be plucked down.” She asks ‘What shall become of me?” Pompey says “Though you change your place, you need not change your trade. Courage. There will pity taken on you.” The Provost, Claudio, Juliet and Officers enter. Bawd and Pompey exit. Claudio says to the Provost ‘Why dost thou show me thus to th’ world? Bear me to prison, where I am committed.” The Provost says “I do it by command from Lord Angelo.” Lucio and the Second Gentleman enter. Lucio asks Claudio “Whence comes this restraint?” Claudio tells him “I got possession of Julietta’s bed. She is securely my wife, save that we do lack an outward ceremony. But it happens the stealth of our most mutual entertainment is writ on Juliet. The new deputy for the Duke, who, newly in the seat, that it be known he can command, lets it straight feel the spur.” Lucio says “Send after the Duke and appeal to him.” Claudio says “I have done so, but he’s not to be found. Lucio, do me this kind service. This day my sister is going to enter the cloister. Acquaint her with the danger of my state. Ask her to approach him.” Lucio says “I’ll to her.”

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