Abridged Twelfth Night/#9/Trick/Act 2, Scene 5

Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian, another gentleman in
Olivia’s household, are on stage.  Maria
enters.  Toby says “Here comes the little
villain.”  She says “Get you all three
into the shrubbery.  Observe him, for the
love of mockery, for I know this letter will make a contemplative idiot of
him.”  They hide.  She exits.
Malvolio enters.  Malvolio says to
himself “’Tis but fortune, all is fortune.
Maria once told me that Olivia loved
me.”  Aside, Toby says “Here’s an
overweening rogue.”  Fabian says “Look
how imagination swells him.”  Malvolio
thinks dreamily of his being with Olivia.
He imagines how he can command Toby. He picks up the letter.  He says “By my life, this is my lady’s
hand.”  He reads “To the unknown beloved,
this, and my good wishes.”  He says “Her
very phrases.”  He reads “Be not afraid
of greatness.  The fates open their hands.
Let thy blood and spirit embrace them. Be opposite with a kinsman, surly with
servants. Remember who commended thy yellow stockings and wished to see thee ever
cross-gartered.  Come, thou art made, if
thou desir’st to be so.”  He says “I will
be proud. I will baffle Sir Toby. I thank my stars, I am happy.  I will be strange, stout, in yellow stockings
with ribbons at the knees. Here is but a postscript.”  He reads “If thou accept my love, let it
appear in thy smiling; thy smiles become thee well. Therefore in my presence
still smile, dear my sweet, I prithee.”
He says “I will do everything that thou wilt have me.”  He exits.
The three men, hiding in the shrubbery, love Maria’s ploy.  Maria enters.
Toby says “Thou hast put him in such a dream that when the image of it
leaves him he must run mad.”  Maria says
“If you will then see the fruits of the sport, mark his first approach before
my lady.  He will come to her in yellow
stockings, and ‘tis a color she abhors; and cross-gartered, a fashion she
detests; and he will smile upon her, which will be unsuitable to her
disposition, being melancholy as she is, that it cannot but turn him into a
notable contempt.”  They exit.

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