Abridged King Lear/#9/Anger/Act 2, Scene 4.1

Separately, Fearing for his life, saying “I heard myself
proclaimed, and by the happy hollow of a tree escaped the hunt,” Edgar decides
to disguise himself as a beggar, calling himself “Poor Tom.”  He says “Edgar, I am nothing.”  Meanwhile, Lear, the Fool and a Gentleman
arrive at Gloucester’s castle.  Seeing
Kent, Lear says “What’s he that set thee here?”
Kent says “It is both he and she, your son and daughter.”  Lear cries “They would not do ‘t.  ‘Tis worse than murder.”  Kent says “I did commend your Highness’
letters to them, which presently they read, and gave me cold looks.  On meeting the other messenger, I drew, perceiving
he had poisoned mine.  Your son and
daughter found this trespass worth this shame.”
Lear exits to find his daughter.
Lear and Gloucester enter. Pointing to Kent, Lear says “Should he sit
here?  Go tell the Duke and ‘s wife I’d
speak with them.”  Gloucester exits,
saying “I would have all well betwixt you.”
Regan, Cornwall and Gloucester enter.
Kent is set free.  Lear says
“Beloved Regan, thy sister’s naught.  O
Regan, she hath tied sharp-toothed unkindness.”   She replies, “I pray you, sir, take patience.”  She says maybe “the restraining of the riots
of your followers clears her name.  Say
you have wronged her.”  He says “Ask for
forgiveness?”  He says “I beg you provide
me with clothing, bed, and food.”  Regan
says “These are unsightly tricks.  Return
you to my sister.”  He says “Never,
Regan.  You nimble lightnings, dart your
blinding flames into her scornful eyes!”
She responds “So will you wish on me when the rash mood is on.”  He says “No, Regan, thou shalt never have my
curse.”  She says “Good sir, to th’
purpose.”  He says “Who put my man i’ th’

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