Abridged Henry VI Part 1/#10/Internal strife/Act 3, Scene 1

The scene opens in the King’s court.  Winchester and Gloucester verbally attack
each other mean-spiritedly, Gloucester the more seriously.  Gloucester calls him a “Presumptuous priest,
a wicked usurer, an enemy to peace, lascivious and wanton.”  The Bishop of Winchester defends himself,
saying “If I were ambitious, how am I so poor?
Aside to himself, Plantagenet says “I must hold my tongue.”  The King enters the nasty conversation,
saying “Uncles of Gloucester and Winchester, I would prevail to join your
hearts in love and amity.”  A riotous
noise is heard outside, a person crying “Stones! Stones.”  The Mayor enters, saying “the men, forbidden
late to carry any weapon, have filled their pockets full of pebble stones and
do pelt one another.”  The King cries
“Pray, uncle Gloucester, mitigate this strife.”
Gloucester cries out to his supporters “Set this unaccustomed fight
aside.”  One of his supporters yells “Our
Grace, inferior to none but His Majesty; to be disgraced by Winchester, we all
will fight to have our bodies slaughtered by thy foes.”  Gloucester cries “Stay, I say, forbear
awhile.”  He goes on to say “Here,
Winchester, I offer thee my hand.”
Winchester responds “Well, Duke of Gloucester, I will yield to
thee.”  Aside, Gloucester says “Ay, but,
I fear me, with a hollow heart.”  Aside,
Winchester says “So help me God, as I intend it not!”  The young King says “How joyful am I made by
this contract!”  The Mayor and others
exit.  Warwick turns to the King and says
“Accept this scroll, which in the right of Richard Plantagenet we present for
consideration to your Majesty.”  The King
says “Our pleasure is that Richard be restored to his blood.”  He turns to Richard and says “Stoop then and
set your knee against my foot; and rise created princely Duke of York.” Richard
replies “As my duty springs, so perish they that think one hostile thought
against your Majesty!”  Aside, Somerset
says “Perish, ignoble Duke of York!”
Gloucester says “Now will it best avail your Majesty to cross the seas
and to be crowned in France. Your ships already are in readiness.”  All exit but Exeter.  Exeter then says to us “This late dissension
grown betwixt the peers burns under feigned ashes of forged love, and will at
last break out into a flame.”

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