Abridged Henry VI Part 1/#5/Defeat/Act 1, Scenes 5-6

John Talbot has a one-on-one duel with Joan la
Pucelle.  She tells him “Come, come, ‘tis
only I that must disgrace thee.”  They
fight. Talbot says to himself “I will chastise this high-minded strumpet.”  They fight some more.  The French storm the town.  She says “O’ertake me, if thou canst; I scorn
thy strength.  This day is ours, as many
more shall be.”  She exits.  He says “A witch, by fear, not force, drives
back our troops and conquers as she pleases.
They called us for our fierceness English dogs; now, like to whelps, we
crying fun away.”  A short alarm
sounds.  Talbot does his best to rally
his troops.  It doesn’t work.  He says “Pucelle is entered into
Orleans.  The shame hereof will make me
hide my head.”  He and his troops exit
the city.  A victorious Pucelle cries
“Rescued is Orleans from the English.
Thus Joan la Pucelle hath performed her word.”  Charles the Dauphin says “Divinest
creature.  France, triumph in thy
glorious prophetess!  Recovered is the
town of Orleans.”  He gives her all the
credit for the victory.

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