Abridged Henry VI Part 1/#3/Conflict/Act 1, Scene 3

The scene is the Tower of London.  Humphrey, the Duke of Gloucester, appointed by
his brother, the late Henry V, as England’s Protector, plans to “survey the
Tower,” having heard that armor and weapons may be missing.  He is denied access to the Tower.  Gloucester’s men rush the Tower gates,
Gloucester crying “Open the gates; here Gloucester that would enter.”  Henry, the Bishop of Winchester, enters,
saying “How now, ambitious Humphrey! What means this?”  Gloucester and Humphrey seriously dislike
each other.  The two men argue and then taunt
and challenge each other.  Gloucester
yells “Here’s Beaufort, that regards nor God nor King, hath here seized the
Tower to his use.”  The Beaufort line
represents descendants of John of Gaunt and his second wife.  Humphrey is a descendent in the legitimate
line; the legitimate line being those who are descendants of John of Gaunt and
his first wife.  Winchester comes back
with “Here’s Gloucester that seeks to overthrow religion, because he is
Protector of the realm, and would have armor here out of the Tower, to crown
himself King and suppress the Prince.”
The Mayor of London has entered and proclaims that “All manner of men
assembled here repair to your several dwelling places.”  Gloucester and Winchester agree to the Mayor’s
request, but also angrily agree that they shall meet another time.

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