Antony and Cleopatra/#1/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Let Rome in Tiber melt and the wide arch of
the ranged empire fall.  Kingdoms are

Answer: Act 1, Scene 1,
Lines 38-40.    Antony to Cleopatra. Antony and Cleopatra are together in Alexandria. They have been spending time together. A messenger from Rome enters with news for Antony. Cleopatra teases him, saying, among other things, that perhaps your wife is angry or that the “scarce-bearded Caesar” wants you to do this or that. An over-confident Antony pretty much ignores her comments, boldly saying we should not “stretch a minute of our lives without some pleasure now. What sport tonight?” He tells the messenger not to speak to him. He offers this quote. Antony is in love. Caesar is Octavius Caesar, Julius Caesar’s nephew. Octavius in due course will become Augustus.

Antony and Cleopatra/#2/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Why should I think you can be mine, and
true, who have been false to Fulvia?
Eternity was in our lips and eyes, bliss in our brows’ bent.  Now they are still.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 3,
Lines 34-36.  Cleopatra to Antony.  Through a Messenger from Rome, we learn that Antony’s wife, Fulvia, has just died. We learn that Antony’s wife and his brother, Lucius, had recently been conducting military actions against Caesar. Antony says to himself that events demand that he promptly get back to Rome. Cleopatra, who has heard rumors of Antony’s plans to leave Alexandria, explodes when Antony tries to tell her why he must immediately return to Rome.

Antony and Cleopatra/#3/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “His faults in him are hereditary rather than
Answer: Act 1, Scene 4, Line
13-15.  Lepidus to Caesar.  Antony, Caesar and Lepidus are the triumvirate. They rule Rome. Lepidus often tries diplomatically to bridge the passions and conflicts between the other two. In Rome, Caesar angrily talks with Lepidus about Antony, saying such things as “we hear that in Alexandria he fishes, drinks, revels at night, hardly recognizing that we are partners.” This quote is Lepidus’ response.

Antony and Cleopatra/#4/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Where my serpent of old Nile?”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 5, Line
30.  Cleopatra to Charmian.  Cleopatra is having a very difficult time, Antony having returned to Rome. Charmian is Cleopatra’s key aide. Charmian tries to calm her, saying “You think of him too much.” Cleopatra hardly hears her, offering this quote. She offers the quote, saying “It is what he so calls me.”

Antony and Cleopatra/#5/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “Good friend, all the East shall call her mistress.  He then nodded and soberly did mount an
arm-gaunt steed.”

Answer:  Act 1, Scene 5,
Lines 54-56.   Alexas to Cleopatra.  Alexas, an aide to Cleopatra, was there with many others when Antony left for Rome. Cleopatra eagerly asks her to tell her just what he said when he left. Alexas replies “The last thing he said sticks in my heart.” Let me hear it, Cleopatra anxiously cries. Alexas offers this quote. Cleopatra then wistfully asks “Did I ever love Caesar so? Pompey would stand and make his eyes grow in my brow.”

Antony and Cleopatra/#6/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “Noble partners, touch you the sourest points with sweetest terms.”

Answer:  Act 2, Scene 2, Line
28.  Lepidus to Caesar and Antony.  Antony has returned to Rome. He, Caesar and Lepidus meet. The three of them plan to meet with Pompey, who controls the seas, which irritates them enormously, they being the triumvirate. Lepidus cautiously notes that they and Pompey certainly have their differences, but the three of them must remember that they are dealing with serious wounds when they debate their differences. He then offers this quote, diplomat that he is.

Antony and Cleopatra/#7/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “By this marriage all little jealousies, which now seem great, would
then be nothing.”

Answer:  Act 2, Scene 2,
Lines 156-159.  Agrippa (an aide to
Caesar) to Caesar and Antony.  Antony’s wife, Fulvia, has died. Caesar believes Antony has been spending too much time carousing in Egypt. Antony’s “wife and brother made wars upon me,” Caesar says. Agrippa suggests Antony marry Octavia, Caesar’s half-sister. Caesar and Antony agree, Octavia having little say in the matter. Agrippa’s theory, expressed in this quote, doesn’t hold.

Antony and Cleopatra/#8/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “She did lie in her pavilion, cloth-of-gold, beyond an artist’s picture
of Venus.” 

Answer: Act 2, Scene 2,
Lines 235-237.  Enobarbus to Agrippa.  Enobarbus, a key aide to Antony, is talking to Agrippa (an aide to Caesar). The subject of the discussion is Cleopatra. Enobarbus offers a detailed description of the first time he saw her “on the barge she sat in like a burnished throne.”

Antony and Cleopatra/#9/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “Our courteous Antony, whom ne’er the word of
“no” women heard speak, goes to the feast, and his heart pays for what his eyes
ate only.”

Answer:  Act 2, Scene 2,
Lines 261-262 .  Enobarbus to
Agrippa.  Enobarbus continues his over-the-top description of Cleopatra, saying that when Cleopatra landed on the river’s edge, Antony sent a note to her inviting her to dinner. She suggested it would be better if he were her guest.

Antony and Cleopatra/#10/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Though I make this marriage for my peace, in
th’ East my pleasure lies.”

Answer:  Act 2, Scene 3,
Lines 45-46.   Antony to himself.  Antony has talked with a Soothsayer who has told him that Caesar’s “fortunes shall rise higher.” The Soothsayer goes on to tell Antony that he will lose at any game he plays with Caesar. Antony agrees with him, saying he, the Soothsayer, speaks the truth; “that the dice obey him (Caesar).” Mark Antony is blindly in love.