Henry VI Part 3/#1/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Shalt thou be safe?  Such safety finds
the trembling lamb environed with wolves.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 1, Lines
242-243.  Queen Margaret to Henry
VI.  The king has just conceded to Warwick and York’s demand that he turn over his crown to York. York is the Duke of York, Richard Plantagenet. Warwick is Richard Neville, a John of Gaunt descendent. York has great lineage, being a descendent of Edward III’s third and fifth sons. This illustrates the evolving power struggle woven through Part 2. Henry VI has agreed to turn over his crown to York, in time. His request requires that he may for “my lifetime reign as king.” The not so accommodating queen is infuriated, for herself and their son, Prince Edward. Warwick and York are powerful men. She is a powerful woman. She offers the king this quote.

Henry VI Part 3/#2/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “But for a kingdom any oath may be broken.”

Answer:  Act 1, Scene 2, Line
16.  Edward to the Duke of York.  York’s sons, Edward and Richard, particularly Richard, seem to be more ambitious than their father. But the father is no wilting-violet. A deal between York and Henry VI has just been cut, Henry VI reigning during his lifetime. For York “the crown to me and to mine heirs” will then follow. The young men, York’s sons, are looking forward to their time. They don’t want oaths to get in their way. Edward is first in line. With his no holds barred mindset, Edward offers this quote.

Henry VI Part 3/#3/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “A woman general.  What should we fear?”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 2, Line 68.  Richard to his father York.  We’ve learn that the queen “with all the northern earls and lords” has rounded-up an army of twenty thousand men to fight York. York becomes suspect of his chances when he learns his army has but five thousand men. But Richard (Gloucester) chimes in, the most ambitious of York’s sons, saying we can win with “five hundred, father.” He then offers this quote. The boys are in a hurry, ready to take almost any risk.

Henry VI Part 3/#4/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Ah, Clifford, murder not this innocent child lest thou be hated both of God
and man.”

Answer:  Act 1, Scene 3, Lines 8-9.  Chaplain to Clifford.  Clifford and Rutland meet on the battlefield,
Rutland being but a boy, one of Duke of York’s four sons.  At the end of Henry VI Part 2, York had slain
Old Clifford at St. Albans.  When Young Clifford
saw his dead father, he vowed that he “will have no pity when I meet an infant
of the house of York.”  The Chaplain offers
this quote as Clifford and the very young Rutland are about to fight.  Clifford replies, “Chaplain, away.  This accursed duke, whose father slew my
father — he shall die.”

Henry VI Part 3/#5/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “My followers fly like ships before the wind, or lambs pursued by
hunger-starved wolves.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 4, Lines 4-5.
York to himself.  Richard Plantagenet lets us know that not much is going his way in his fight with the queen, offering this quote. He says “the sands are numbered that make up my life. Here must I stay, and here my life must end.”

Henry VI Part 3/#6/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Do not honor him so much to prick thy finger though to wound his heart.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 4, Lines 55-56.  Northumberland to Clifford.  We learn the queen “hath won the battlefield.” York, alone on the battlefield, is surrounded by the queen and her key aides, Clifford being the roughest. Clifford taunts York, saying “doves to peck the falcon’s piercing talons; so desperate thieves, all hopeless of their lives, breathe out invectives ‘gainst the officers.” Defying requests from the queen and Northumberland to back-off, Clifford initiates a fight with York. York is captured.

Henry VI Part 3/#7/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “To whom do lions cast their gentle looks?”

Answer: Act 2, Scene 2, Line
11.  Clifford to King Henry.  Having offered this quote to the king, Clifford goes on to answer his question himself, saying “Not to the beast that would usurp their den.” Young Clifford is now Lord Clifford. Clifford goes on to say “Creatures, not endowed with reason, feed their young, and in the protection of their tender ones make war with him that climbed into their nest offering their own lives in their young’s defense?” The Cliffords have been very loyal allies to Henry VI and Margaret.

Henry VI Part 3/#8/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Clifford, didst thou never hear that things ill got had ever bad

Answer: Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 45-46.  Henry VI to Lord Clifford. Clifford has just finished a demeaning lecture to the king, suggesting how weak he was in defending his title. Henry VI offers this quote and follows with “I’ll leave my son my virtuous deeds behind.”

Henry VI Part 3/#9/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Sometime the flood prevails, and then the wind; yet neither conqueror nor

Answer: Act 2, Scene 5, Lines 9-12.
Henry VI to himself. The king finds himself alone in the fields near York, pensively reflecting on the gives and takes of war, “like a mighty sea forced by the tide to combat with the wind.” He offers this quote.

Henry VI Part 3/#10/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Ill blows the wind that profits nobody.”

Answer: Act 2, Scene 5, Line 55.
Lancastrian Soldier to himself.
The soldier offers this famous quote. He then says “This man, whom I slew in fight, may be possessed of crowns, and I may take them from him now.” The soldier removes the dead man’s helmet. He says “O God! It is my father whom in this conflict I, unawares, have killed.”