As You Like It/#1/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “The courtesy of nations allows you my
better, in that you are the first-born.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 1,
Lines 45-47.  Orlando to Oliver.  Oliver is the oldest of the three de Boys
boys whose father, Sir Rowland, recently died.  Orlando is the youngest.  Jaques is the Second Brother and is away at
school. Oliver, now having inherited the whole of their father’s estate, treats
Orlando terribly.  That Oliver had
inherited their father’s estate is the result of primogeniture,
the custom of the time, the quote.

As You Like It/#2/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “Shall I keep your hogs and eat husks with

Answer:  Act 1, Scene 1,
Lines 37-38.  Orlando to Oliver.  Oliver asks his youngest brother “What are you
doing here?”  Orlando replies “I’m not
taught to do anything.”  Oliver, who, as we say,
inherited all of their father’s estate, says “be better employed and be
silent awhile.”  Orlando offers this

As You Like It/#3/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Let me see —- what think you of falling in love?”

Answer:  Act 1, Scene 2,
Lines 24-25.  Rosalind to Celia.  Rosalind and Celia are cousins, their fathers being brothers. Both are only children. There is no mention of either mother. Rosalind’s father, Duke Senior, has been banished to the Forest of Arden by Celia’s father, Duke Frederick, the younger of the two dukes. Rosalind is alone, cared for by her uncle. She’s discouraged. Celia encourages her cousin to “be merry.” Rosalind says she’ll try to “devise amusements,” coming up with this quote.

As You Like It/#4/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “Young gentleman, your spirits are too bold
for your years.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 2,
Lines 166-167.  Celia to Orlando.  The cousins learn that there is to be a
wrestling event that night.  Rosalind
asks Celia “Shall we see this wrestling, cousin?”  Orlando has challenged Charles, Duke
Frederick’s wrestler, to the first match.
Orlando tells Rosalind “I come to try with him the strength of my
youth.”  Celia offers Orlando this
quote.  Orlando is given no chance of winning the match.

As You Like It/#5/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “O poor Orlando!  Thou art

Answer: Act 1, Scene 2, Line
260.  Orlando to himself.  Orlando throws Charles.  Duke Frederick cries “No more, no more.”  Charles is carried off stage. Duke Frederick
learns that Orlando is “the youngest son of Sir Rowland de Boys.”   Duke Frederick tells Orlando that his father
was “mine enemy.”  Rosalind says “My
father loved Sir Rowland as his soul.”
She gives Orlando a chain from her neck, saying “Gentleman, wear this
for me.”  Orlando is speechless, saying
to himself “Can I not say ‘I thank you’?”
Rosalind and Celia exit.  Orlando is in love, offering
us this quote.

As You Like It/#6/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “Not one to throw at a dog.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 3, Line
3.  Rosalind to Celia.  Orlando has been advised “to leave this
place.”  He is told that Duke Frederick
“hath ta’en displeasure ‘gainst his gentle niece, grounded upon no other
argument but that the people praise her for her virtues.”  Orlando says “But heavenly Rosalind!”  He hasn’t been in contact with the young
women since the wrestling match.  Celia asks her cousin “Why,
Rosalind!  Cupid have mercy, not a
word?”  Rosalind responds with this

As You Like It/#7/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “O how full of briers is this working-day world.”

Answer:  Act 1, Scene 3, Line
11-12.   Rosalind to Celia.  Rosalind is alone, her father banished to the Forest of Arden, Shakespeare never mentioning her mother, no brothers or sisters, and an uncle upset with her. She does have her cousin, Celia. She is quiet and discouraged. Celia asks a pensive Rosalind “Is all this for your father?” Very-much-in-love Rosalind answers “No, some of it is for my child’s father.” She then offers us this quote.

As You Like It/#8/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “Are not these woods more free from peril
than the envious court?

Answer:  Act 2, Scene 1,
Lines 3-4   Duke Senior to his
co-mates.  Duke Senior, having been banished to the Forest
of Arden, is introduced to us.  It’s a
fantasy world, this Forest of Arden, but the duke and his friends are happy there.  Addressing his men, Duke Senior says “Hath
not old custom made this life more sweet than that of painted pomp?”  He then offers us this quote.

As You Like It/#9/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “Your virtues are holy traitors to you.”

Answer:  Act 2, Scene 3,
Lines 12-13.  Adam to Orlando.  Adam bursts into Orlando’s room, cryng out this
quote.  Orlando asks “Why, what’s the
matter?”  Adam says “Your brother has
heard your praises and this night he means to burn the lodging where you use to
lie, and you within it.  Do not enter
it.”  Adam is Oliver’s servant, Orlando’s friend and eighty years old.

As You Like It/#10/Quotes and Answers

Quote:  “He that doth the ravens feed, yea,
providently caters for the sparrow, be comfort to my age.”

Answer:  Act 2, Scene 3,
Lines 44-66.  Adam to Orlando.  Orlando, knowing he has to leave town, asks
Adam “Wouldst thou have me go beg my food, or with a boist’rous sword enforce a
thievish living on the common road?”
Adam responds “I have five hundred crowns, the thrifty hire I saved under
your father.  Here is the gold.  All this I give you.”  Adam offers us this quote.  Orlando says “But, poor old man, thou prun’st
a rotten tree that cannot so much as a blossom yield, but come on.  We’ll go along together.”