Abridged As You Like It/#1/Resentment/Act 1, Scene 1.1

The play opens in a fantasy community, set in a fantasy
land, when we learn that the younger brother has just run his older brother out
of town, into the Forest of Arden, a near-by fantasy forest, the older brother
having been the community’s leader. As further background, we learn that a Sir
Rowland de Boys, well regarded in the community, had died some time ago, and
had left three sons as his heirs, the oldest son receiving the whole of his
father’s estate, he being the oldest, a custom known as primogeniture.  Oliver de Boys is the oldest son; Jaques the
second son; Orlando the youngest.  Jaques
is away at school.  Orlando says that his
father “charged my brother on his blessing to breed me well.”  He doesn’t, and Orlando resents it.  Orlando says Oliver’s “horses are bred
better” and that he must “feed with his servants and Oliver undermines my
gentility with my education.”  Orlando
tells Adam, Oliver’s eighty year old servant, that he is fed up and “that my
spirit begins to mutiny against this servitude.” Adam and Orlando are good
friends.  Oliver enters and tells his
brother “Marry, sir, be better employed.”
Orlando responds “Shall I keep your hogs and eat husks with them.”  Oliver threatens him.  Orlando replies “I am no villain.  I am the youngest son of Sir Rowland de
Boys.”  Adam comes forward, saying “Sweet
masters, be patient.”  Orlando cries out
to his brother “You have trained me like a peasant, and I will no longer endure
it.”  Oliver responds “And what wilt thou
do?”  Orlando remains silent.  Oliver turns to Adam, saying “Get you with
him, you old dog.”  They part.

Abridged As You Like It/#2/Challenge/Act 1, Scene 1.2

Duke Frederick is the younger brother who usurped the
title from his older brother, Duke Senior, having banished him to the Forest of
Arden.  Duke Frederick has a wrestler
named Charles.  Charles enters and talks
with Oliver.  We learn from Charles that
“three or four lords have put themselves in voluntary exile” with Duke Senior,
and that the banished duke’s daughter, Rosalind, is being cared for by Duke
Frederick and is “no less beloved by her uncle than his own daughter.”  Duke Frederick’s daughter is Celia.  We learn that Charles is there to “wrestle
tomorrow before the new duke.”  Charles
says he has secretly learned that “Orlando hath a disposition to come in
disguised against me to try a fall.”
Oliver says “I had as soon thou didst break his neck as his
finger.”  Charles replies “If he come
tomorrow, I’ll give him his payment.”
Charles exits.  Oliver to himself
says “I hope I shall see an end of him (meaning Orlando)q, for my soul hates
nothing more than he.  But it shall not
be so long; this wrestler shall clear all.”

Abridged As You Like It/#3/Counsel/Act 1, Scene 2.1

Rosalind and Celia enter.
Celia says to her cousin “Be merry.”
Rosalind replies, “Dear Celia, I show more mirth than I am mistress
of.”  Celia’s father is now in charge of
events.  Rosalind’s father has been
banished to the Forest of Arden.  Neither
of the girls has siblings.  Again, Celia
counsels her cousin to be merry.
Rosalind says “From henceforth I will, and devise diversions.  Let me see — what think you of falling in
love?”   Celia replies “Let’s make
diversions, but love no man seriously.”
Monsieur Le Beau enters.  Le Beau
is a courtier in Duke Frederick’s court.
Celia asks him “What’s the news?
What amusement, as wit and fortune will.”  He says, “Well, wrestling is coming here,
where you are, they are coming to perform it.”
Celia replies “Let us now stay and see it.”  Duke Frederick, Charles (the wrestler) and
Orlando enter.   When Celia learns that
Orlando is to be Charles’ opponent, she says “he is too young.”  Le Beau says to the young women, “see if you
can dissuade him.  Speak to him.”  Orlando comes forward and when asked says “I
come to try with him the strength of my youth.”
Celia tells him “young gentleman, we pray you for your own sake, give over
this attempt.”  Rosalind chimes in with
“your reputation shall not therefore be misprized.”  Orlando responds “I shall do my friends no
wrong, for I have none to lament me.  In
the world I have nothing.”  The girls wish
him their best.  Charles beckons Orlando,
saying “Come, is this the young gallant that is so desirous to lie with his
mother earth?”  They wrestle.  Orlando throws Charles.  Charles is carried off.  Duke Frederick asks Orlando “What is thy
name, young man?”  Orlando says “Orlando,
my liege, the youngest son of Sir Rowland de Boys.”  The duke says “I would thou hadst told me of
another father.”  The duke exits.  The young women offer him their
attention.  Rosalind gives him a chain
from her neck, saying “Gentleman, wear this for me.”  She then adds “Sir, you have wrestled well
and overthrown more than your enemies.”  The young women exit.  Orlando’s in love.  He says “O poor Orlando!  Thou art overthrown.”  Le Beau enters and says to Orlando “I do in
friendship counsel you to leave this place.”
Orlando says thanks and by the way “Which of the two was daughter of the
duke that here was at the wrestling?”  Le
Beau responds “the smaller is his daughter.”
That’s Celia.  He goes on, saying
“the other is daughter to the banished duke.”
As Le Beau is about to exit, Orlando says to him “I rest much obligated
to you.”  As Le Beau exits, Orlando says
“But heavenly Rosalind!”

Abridged As You Like It/#4/Adventure/Act 1, Scene 3

Celia says to Rosaline, knowing she’s discouraged and
looking for love, “Why, Rosalind!  Cupid
have mercy, not a word?”  Rosalind comes
back with “Not one to throw at a dog.”
Rosalind continues, saying “O how full of briers is this working-day
world.”  Celia asks “Is it possible you
should fall for old Sir Rowland’s youngest son?”  Rosalind says “My father loved his father
dearly. Let me love him for that.”  Duke
Frederick enters, yelling at Rosalind “Mistress, dispatch you with your safest
haste, and get you from our court.”
Rosalind responds “Me, uncle?  Did
I offend your Highness?”  The duke says
“Let it suffice thee that I trust thee not.”
Celia comes to her cousin’s defense.
The duke firmly says “She is banished!”
Upset with her father, Celia says to Rosalind “I’ll go along with
thee.”  Rosalind asks “Whither shall we
go?”  Celia says “To seek my uncle in the
Forest of Arden.”  They decide to
disguise themselves, Rosalind saying “Were it not better, because that I am
more than common tall, that I suit me all points like a man?” Celia asks “What
shall I call thee?”  “Ganymede,” Rosalind
says. Celia responds “No longer Celia, but Aliena.”  Rosalind asks “Cousin, what if we attempted
to steal the clownish fool out of your father’s court?”  Celia calmly replies “He’ll go along o’er the
wide world with me.  Leave me alone to
woo him.  Now go we in content to
liberty, and not to banishment.”

Abridged As You Like It/#5/Intrigue/Act 2, Scenes 1-2

In the Forest of Arden, Duke Senior introduces himself,
saying “Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile, hath not old custom made this
life more sweet than that of painted pomp?
Are not these woods more free from peril than the envious court?”  Amiens, one of his co-mates, says “I would
not change it.  Happy is your Grace, that
can translate the ruthlessness of fortune into so quiet and so sweet a style.”  Back in Duke Frederick’s court, the duke asks
about Rosalind and Celia, saying        “Can it
be possible that no man saw them?”  The
Second Lord says “My lord, the scurvy clown is also missing.  The princess’ gentlewoman confesses that she
secretly o’erheard your daughter and her cousin commend the graces of the
wrestler that did but lately foil the sinewy Charles.”  In his commanding manor, Duke Frederick says
“Send for his brother (Oliver).  Fetch
that gallant hither.  I’ll make him find

Abridged As You Like It/#6/Adventure/Act 2, Scene 3

Adam (Oliver’s servant) warns Orlando, saying “your
virtues, gentle master, are sanctified and holy traitors to you.”  Orlando responds “Why, what’s the
matter?”  Adam continues, saying “Your
brother this night means to burn the lodging where you use to lie and you
within it.  This is no place.  Do not enter it.”  Orlando asks “Wouldst thou have me go and beg
my food, or with a sword enforce a thievish living on the common road?”  Adam comes back with “I have five hundred
crowns, the thrifty hire I saved under your father.  Take that, and He that doth the ravens feed,
yea, providently caters for the sparrow, be comfort to my age.  Here is the gold.  All this I give you.  Let me be your servant.”  Orlando responds “O good old man, we’ll go
along together.”  Adam says “I will
follow thee to the last gasp with truth and loyalty.  At seventeen years, many their fortunes seek,
but at fourscore, it is too late a time.
Fortune cannot recompense me better than to die well, and not my
master’s debtor.”  They exit.

Abridged As You Like It/#7/Love/Act 2, Scene 4

Rosalind, Celia and Touchstone (Duke Frederick’s court
jester) are exhausted.  Rosalind declares
“Well, this is the Forest of Arden.”
Corin and Silvius enter, both shepherds, Silvius being the younger.  Silvius says “O Corin, that thou knew’st how
I do love her!”  Corin replies “I partly
guess, for I have loved ere now.”  Silius
says “No, Corin, being old, thou canst not guess.  How many actions most ridiculous hast thou
been drawn to by thy desire.”  Corin
replies “Into a thousand that I have forgotten.”  Silvius notes “If thou rememb’rest not the
slightest folly that ever love did make thee run into, thou hast not
loved.  O Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe!”  He exits.
Having overheard the conversation, Touchstone says “We that are true
lovers run into strange capers.  But as
all is mortal in nature, so is all nature in love mortal in folly.”  Rosalind responds “Thou speak’st wiser than
thou art aware of.”  Touchstone cries out
to Corin “Hello, you peasant.”  Corin
replies “And to you, gentle sir, and to you all.”  Rosalind as Ganymede says “Fair sir, bring us
where we may rest ourselves and feed.”
Corin replies “Fair sir, I am shepherd to another man.  His cottage, flocks and bounds of feed are
now on sale.”  Rosalind says “I pray
thee, thou shalt have from us what you need to pay for it.”  Celia as Aliena chimes in “And we will mend
thy wages.  I like this place, and
willingly could waste my time in it.”
The young women buy the cottage and all that goes with it.

Abridged As You Like It/#8/Loyalty/Act 2, Scene 6

Orlando and Adam have arrived at the Forest of Arden,
also exhausted, as were the two women and Touchstone when they arrived.  Adam says “O, I die for food.  Here lie I down and measure out my grave.  Farewell, kind master.”  Orlando replies “Why, how now, Adam?  If this uncouth forest yield anything savage,
I will either be food for it or bring it for food to thee.  Hold death awhile at the arm’s length.  If I bring thee not something to eat, I will
give thee leave to die.  Thou look’st
cheerly, and I’ll be with thee quickly.
Come, I will bear thee to some shelter.”
They exit.

Abridged As You Like It/#9/Kindness/Act 2, Scene 7.1

Jaques, a lord attending Duke Senior, who with his
co-mates is in the Forest of Arden, enters, just as the duke and his other
lords are preparing to sit down for dinner.
Duke Senior says to Jaques “What, you look merry.”  An excited Jaques says “A fool, I met a fool
i’ th’ forest, a motley fool.  As I do
live by food, I met a fool who railed against Lady Fortune in good terms, and
yet a motley fool.”  The duke asks “What
fool is this?”  Jaques responds “O worthy
fool!  He hath strange places crammed
with observations which he vents in mangled forms.  O, that I were a fool!  I am ambitious for a motley coat.”  The duke says “Thou shalt have one.”  Orlando enters, brandishing a sword.  He says “Forbear, and eat no more.”  Jaques says “Why, I have eat none yet.”  A starved (and thinking of Adam) Orlando
cries “Forbear, I say.  He dies that
touches any of this fruit till I and my affairs are answered.”  The duke says “What would you have?  Your gentleness shall force more than your
force move us to gentleness.”  Orlando
cries “I almost die for food.”  The duke
calmly says “Sit down and feed, and welcome to our table.”  Orlando says “Speak you go gently?  Pardon me, I pray you.  I thought that all things had been savage
here.”  He sheathes his sword.  The duke says “Therefore sit you down in
gentleness, and take upon command what help we have.”  Orlando replies “There is an old poor man who
hath limped in after me.  Till he be
first sufficed, oppressed with two weak evils, age and hunger, I will not touch
a bit.”  Duke Senior says “Go find
him.  We will waste nothing till you
return.”  Orlando exits.

Abridged As You Like It/#10/Fantasy/Act 2, Scene 7.2

As Orlando leaves the duke’s dinner table, Duke Senior
remarks “Thou seest we are not all alone unhappy.  This wide and universal theater presents more
woeful pageants than the scene wherein we play.”  Jaques then picks up on the Duke’s comment,
sharing his quite famous soliloquy that begins “All the world’s a stage, and
all the men and women merely players.”
He goes on to say “And one man in his time plays many parts, his acts
being seven ages.”  He then describes the
seven parts men play in their seven acts.
Orlando enters, carrying Adam.
Duke Senior greets him, saying “Welcome.
Set down your venerable burden, and let him feed.”  Adam says “I scarce can speak to thank you
for myself.”  On the side, the duke and
Orlando have a quiet one-on-one conversation.
Duke Senior says to Orlando “If that you were the good Sir Rowland’s
son, be truly welcome hither.  I am the
duke that loved your father.”  The duke
turns to Adam and says “Good old man, thou art right welcome as thy master