Our plan is to publish a series of blogs that will in an
abridged form cover thirty-two of Shakespeare’s plays.  This first set of blogs in the series will
cover Richard II.  The second set: A
Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The abridged
version of each play will be offered in twenty or so blogs.

Posted along with these Richard II blogs will be a number
of quotes found in the play.  The quotes
will then be “answered.”  The answers
will include the quote’s location, who said it to whom, and the context of the

The same pattern used to abridge Richard II through these
blogs and quotes will be followed for thirty-one other Shakespeare plays.  This will take some time.  But that’s the plan.  But then plans can change!  We hope to post several blogs and quotes each

All blogs and quotes for each play are to be organized
sequentially in this navigation section.

Comments are welcome, of course.

Shakespeare Websites.