Romeo and Juliet/#1/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Madam, an hour before the worshiped sun peered forth the golden window of the
east did I see your son.”

Answer:  Act 1, Scene 1,
Lines 120-121.  Benvolio to Lady
Montague.  Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin; Lady Montague is Romeo’s mother. After a skirmish on a street corner between servingmen of the Capulets and Montagues, Lady Montague had asked Benvolio if “saw you him today?” She means Romeo. He offers her this quote. He then tells her that before dawn “when he became ‘ware of me, he stole into the wood, and I gladly shunned who gladly fled from me.” We learn Romeo is despondent. His girlfriend, Rosaline, has dropped him.

Romeo and Juliet/#2/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Sad hours seem long, not having that, which, having, makes hours short.  I’m out of her favor where I am in

Answer: Act 1, Scene 1, Lines 166-173.  Romeo to Benvolio.  Depressed Romeo, losing his girlfriend, offers this quote. Benvolio replies “Alas that love, so gentle in appearance should be so rough in experiencing it.”

Romeo and Juliet/#3/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs; love, a fire sparkling in lovers’
eyes, being purged, is a sea nourished with loving tears.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 1, Lines 197-199.  Romeo to Benvolio.  A serious skirmish between servingmen from the houses of Capulet and Montague has been broken up by Verona’s Prince; the Prince is not at all pleased. The Capulets and Montagues pretty much run things in Verona. Romeo doesn’t want to hear about the skirmish, consumed as he is, being “out of favor” with Rosaline. He offers Benvolio this quote.

Romeo and Juliet/#4/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Look to behold at my house this night earth-treading stars that make dark
heaven light.”

Answer:  Act 1, Scene 2,
Lines 24-25.  Capulet to County
Paris.  Capulet plans this night to hold an “old accustomed feast.” He offers this quote. The “stars” will be the attending young ladies. Capulet goes on to say that vigorous young men will be as happy as can be “when well-appareled April treads on the heel of limping winter.”

Romeo and Juliet/#5/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “The all-seeing sun ne’er saw her match since first the world begun.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 2, Lines 99-100.  Romeo to Benvolio.  Benvolio is convinced that if he can get Romeo to attend Capulet’s dinner party, Capulet having invited many young and beautiful women, he can cure Romeo of his love-sickness. Romeo offers this quote, speaking of Rosalind, heart-broken as he is. Benvolio tries to encourage him, saying “Tut, you saw her fair, none else being by, but let your lady’s love be weighed against some other maids, shining at this feast.”

Romeo and Juliet/#6/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Read o’er the volume of young Paris’ face, and find delight writ there with
beauty’s pen.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 3, Lines 87-88. Lady Capulet to Juliet.  Lady Capulet is eager to see her daughter married to the County Paris, the Prince of Verona’s nephew. Juliet is two-and-a-half weeks away from turning fourteen. The County Paris will be at Capulet’s dinner party, and Lady Capulet wants her daughter to pay close attention to him. She offers this quote. She goes on to tell her daughter “To beautify him only lacks a cover.”

Romeo and Juliet/#7/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “You are a lover.  Borrow Cupid’s wings
and soar with them above a common leap.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 4, Lines
17-18.  Mercutio to Romeo.  Romeo remains despondent over the loss of Rosalind. These young men, Mercutio, Benvolio and Romeo, are on their way to the Capulet dinner party, Benvolio suggesting they should dance with the ladies and not linger. Romeo tells them not I; you’re the ones with “dancing shoes.” Mercutio offers this quote. Dispirited Romeo replies “Under love’s heavy burden do I sink.”

Romeo and Juliet/#8/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “I talk of dreams, begot of nothing but insubstantial imagination, as thin of
substance as the air, and more inconstant than the wind.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 4, Lines 103-107.  Mercutio to Romeo.  Mercutio tells the other two of his dream of Queen Mab and how she travels “through lovers’ brains, and then they dream of love. This is the hag —.” Romeo interrupts him, saying “Thou talk’st of nothing.” Mercutio agrees, offering this quote.

Romeo and Juliet/#9/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “Did my heart love till now?  I ne’er saw
true beauty till this night.”

Answer: Act 1, Scene 5, Lines 59-60.  Romeo to himself.  Incredulously, Romeo, being despondent, bemoaning his misfortune in the losing of Rosaline, offers this quote. Disguised, he has entered the Capulet dinner party and promptly sees Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet/#10/Quotes and Answers

Quote: “He jests at scars that never felt a wound.”

Answer: Act 2, Scene 2, Line 1.
Romeo to himself.  Romeo is in love again. Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio have just left the Capulet party when Romeo slips away from them. Mercutio mocks Romeo as Benvolio tries to figure out just what is going on. Romeo has ditched them, jumping over Capulet’s garden fence, planning to stand beneath Juliet’s bedroom window. Romeo had pretty much ignored Mercutio’s taunts. In response to those taunts, he offered this quote.