Shakespeare Quotes and Answers

Who said what to whom, where and in what context?

Abbreviated Shakespeare

The focus is on key passages.

Condensed Shakespeare

Reducing plays to six paragraphs.

Minimized Shakespeare

The shortest, thinnest version.

Modified Shakespeare

Converting each play to about twenty paragraphs.

Simplified Shakespeare

Making soliloquies more readable.

This site was put together to make Shakespeare’s timeless stories, the best stories ever told, quickly and easily accessible to all. The tales Shakespeare magically told through his plays are easily understood and remembered when they are shortened, condensed, abbreviated, simplified or modified, as we’ve done here. Making the plays easier to get into makes it easier for people everywhere to appreciate the subtleties and nuances of the plays. What is not offered here is an academic insight into the intricacies of Shakespeare’s uniquely clever use of the English language.

As a portal, this website leads to thirty-two of Shakespeare’s famous histories, comedies, tragedies and other plays, all thirty-two of which have been shortened significantly in six different ways through six separate websites, all found here.

This is a gateway for those who want to painlessly know what England’s greatest playwright had to say through his plays, knowing that his plays are for good reason Western literature’s most famous. The site is for those who don’t want to work too hard to understand the essential story lines of these famous plays, aware that the huge number of timeless messages William Shakespeare offered through the stories are eternal, like a religion.

This Shakespeare gateway offers all, everywhere, easy access to these dateless, centuries-old Western stories, most handed down generation to generation by story-tellers from the British Isles to the Mediterranean. Somehow, Shakespeare was able to convert what are mostly treasured fables into fanciful love stories disguised as high-adventure. Shakespeare wove strong emotions between people into all of his plays, even the histories and tragedies. The guy was really good, providing people for all time through his plays the greatest stories ever told.

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